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Self-Generated Questions

Self-Generated Questions (SGQs) Strategy

What: The Self-Generated Questions (SGQs) Strategy is an evidence-based routine that teaches students to monitor their reading comprehension by stopping intermittently to ask different kinds of questions about key information in the text, determine how the information is related, and use text evidence to support their responses.

Why: The SGQs strategy has been shown to be effective with middle school students in general education content classes, reading intervention classes for students who have reading disabilities, and classes for English learners (Vaughn et al., 2006). It can be used across content domains such as English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The SGQs strategy promotes self-monitoring during reading, increases reading comprehension, text connections, and retention of important concepts and details (Vaughn et al., 2011).

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Purpose of Level One Questions

Level Two Questions Small Group

Introducing Level Three Questions 

Level Three Modeling

Cloze Reading & Building Academic Vocabulary

Self-Generated Questions Walkthrough Tool

Use the Self-Generated Questions (SGQ) Walkthrough Tool to identify key instructional components. The tool defines 12 Instructional Look Fors classified by three categories: Lesson Design, Tools & Resources, and SGQ strategy components. The SGQ Walkthrough Tool can be used to guide SGQ lesson planning or as a tool when conducting a SGQ lesson Walkthrough. This tool is available in paper form by downloading the pdf or digitally through the digiCOACH app – free to CALI Reads participants.

Self-Generated Questions digiCOACH Edition