Participant Expectations: 2019-20' Activities

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Year Two Participant Commitment(s)

To support the goal of improving literacy outcomes, each CALI Reads school site should identify participants for the following four activities, each detailed below. Participants can be involved in one or more activities as long as they fit the specified role identified by CALI Reads (for example, Content Area teacher or Special Education teacher).


CALI Reads Year At A Glance (2019-2020)



  • Q = Quarter 1, Quarter 2 etc.
  • HI-LL = High-Interest Low-level
  • FIT = Fidelity of Implementation Tool
  • DC = District Checklist
Literacy Training

SGQ Training Module Complete

Apply and refine strategy use

digiCOACH complete

Vocabulary Training Module Complete

Apply & refine strategy use

digiCOACH complete



Literacy Module Pilot

Pilot module complete

SIT team meeting

Q1 Meeting complete

FIT due

Q2 Meeting complete

Q3 Meeting complete

FIT due

Q4 Meeting complete


Regional Workshop

6/15: Regional Workshop Concluded

(Date: TBD with Regional Coach)

Family Workshop

6/15: Family Workshop Concluded

(Date: TBD by Site)

HI-LL Books

6/15: Submitted to CALI Reads a receiving purchase order

District Support Team (DST)

DST 1st Meeting Complete

DC due

DST 2nd Meeting Complete

DC due

DST 3rd Meeting Complete


Literacy Training

Each site should identify a cadre of 10 content-area teachers who agree to engage in training of evidence-based literacy practices through online modules. At least one site administrator should be included to support their role as an Instructional Leader. In year two, training will focus on Self-Generated Questions (fall 2019) and Vocabulary Maps (spring 2020).

Literacy training will include the following three activities each semester, estimated to total 10 hours/participant each semester.

  1. Complete the online literacy module in the first month of the semester (~1-2 hours to complete).
  2. Participate in Coaching and Support with the CALI Reads Site Coach to develop lessons and refine practice (~3-4 hours) in month two and three.
  3. Participate in Classroom Walkthroughs using digiCOACH to enhance fidelity of practice in month three and four.
    1. Use digiCOACH to self-rate on a lesson (~30 mins).
    2. Collaborate with a peer to conduct a walkthrough (~1-2-hour total).
    3. Schedule a coach or administrator walkthrough (~1-hour total).

CAlIReads Literacy Training

Site Implementation Teams

Site Implementation Teams (SITs) who are comprised of 5 members (including a site administrator) should continue to meet. SITs plan and monitor CALI Reads implementation in accordance with the Fidelity of Implementation (FIT) tool, communicate literacy goals and practices schoolwide, and identify areas of strength and need to support literacy outcomes schoolwide. Total estimated commitment is 10 hours/participant annually. The SIT team will:

  1. Meet on a monthly to quarterly basis.
  2. Complete the Fidelity of Implementation Tool (FIT) twice annually.
  3. Collaborate with the CALI Reads Site Coach.
  4. * Site administrator also participates in triennial District Support Team meetings.

Regional Workshops

Each school site should identify up to 6 Special Education and/or Intervention teachers to attend the one-day Regional Workshop. In Year Two, the topic of the Workshop will be on supporting effective intervention at the middle school.

The Regional Workshop will be hosted at the District Office or suitable alterative location for all three of the district’s (or district consortium’s) participating school sites. Total estimated time is 8 hours/participant annually.

CAlIReads Regional Workshops

Family Literacy Workshop

Family involvement in a student’s education is a key factor in promoting student achievement and success. Each school site is asked to facilitate a 1-2 hour Annual Family Workshop. Schools site are free to select a literacy topic of their choosing. CALI Reads provides $500/per site to offset expenses. Sites are encouraged to identify someone on site to coordinate the Workshop.

CAlIReads Family Workshops

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