Family Workshop Instructions

This document is a guide for the Family Workshop Coordinator and Site Coach. It identifies the documents that need to be submitted to the project related to the Event.

Please return the following documents:
*Click names below to link to an electronic copy for printing.

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Family Workshop Sign-in Sheet
  3. End-of-Workshop Survey | Español

Parent/family support of student reading is a significant factor in improving adolescent literacy skills (Center for Comprehensive School Reform & Improvement, 2005).

CALI Reads uses these documents for program improvement and to meet federal reporting requirements.


  1. Prior to the event:
    1. 2 weeks prior to the event, complete the online form identifying event details.
    2. 1 week prior to the event, print out the sign-in sheets and participant survey (1 per participant).
  2. At the event:
    1. Ask all participants to sign-in before taking a seat.
    2. Provide all participants with an End-of-Workshop Survey.
    3. Remind participants to complete the End-of-Workshop Survey before leaving.
    4. Collect all End-of-Workshop Surveys as attendees leave.
  3. After the event:
    1. Within 1 week, mail the surveys, sign-in sheets, and provided coversheet to:

Napa County Office of Education
c/o Amy Maynard, CALI Reads
1450 Technology Lane
Petaluma, CA 94954

Results will be shared with the CALI Reads Site Coach and Site Implementation Team. For questions, please contact

Thank you!

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Last updated: 03/31/2020