Annual Family Literacy Workshops


Family support of home literacy is a significant factor in improving adolescent literacy skills (Center for Comprehensive School Reform & Improvement, 2005). To help families better support home literacy, CALI Reads participating school sites should facilitate an Annual Family Workshop. The objective of the Family Workshops is to provide literacy training and resources to families, so that they can better support their children's reading and writing at home.

CALI Reads provides funding, coach collaboration, and sample materials to support Family Workshop event planning and facilitation. PLEASE READ the Family Workshop Instructions before planning your event!!!


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Family Workshop Coordinator

Sites are encouraged to identify a Family Workshop Coordinator to plan and/or facilitate the event. We estimate the time commitment for a Family Workshop Coordinator to be 4-5 hours annually.

Role of the Family Workshop Coordinator:

  1. Identify a Family Workshop topic
  2. Identify a Family Workshop presenter
  3. Disseminate event information to parents
  4. Collect the Event Sign-in sheet and Survey


Family Workshop (and Teacher) Middle School Literacy Skills Presentation Slides

The Site Implementation Team can select any literacy topic of their choosing. CALI Reads offers the following three presentations designed for use with parents:

  1. Important Reading Skills for Middle School Students English / Spanish
  2. Learn to Read Long and Difficult Words English / Spanish
  3. Learn Important Vocabulary Words English / Spanish

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