CALI Reads offers districts $500 per school site to offset costs of hosting a Family Workshop. To qualify for the funds, sites must submit the following:

*Click names below to link to an electronic copy for printing.

Prior to the event:

Please fill out the Family Workshop Event Details:

Please include the day, month and year.

During the Event :

  1. Hand out the Sign-in Sheet and End-of-Workshop Survey to all Attendees:
  1. Family Workshop Sign-in Sheet
  2. End-of-Workshop Survey | Español

CALI Reads uses these documents for program improvement and to meet federal reporting requirements.

After the event:

  1. Please return the completed Sign-in Sheet and End-of-Workshop Surveys with the:
    Cover Sheet


Napa County Office of Education
c/o Amy Maynard, CALI Reads
1450 Technology Lane, Suite 200
Petaluma, CA 94954


Results will be shared with the CALI Reads Site Coach and Site Implementation Team. For questions, please contact

Thank you!