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CORE Adolescent Solutions: Vocabulary Instruction

CALI Reads brings you Part II of CORE’s Adolescent Solutions training on Vocabulary Instruction. This training teaches middle school teachers how to enhance vocabulary knowledge and content understanding through comprehension strategies for both literary and informational text.

Without a firm foundation in the basic skills of reading, many middle and high schools will struggle to meet the rigorous expectations of their state standards. This series equips educators with the knowledge of the science of reading and the instructional skills necessary to accelerate underperforming students.

What: CORE Adolescent Literacy Solutions.

Adolescent Vocabulary Instruction

In this training, participants learn and practice several evidence-based methods of vocabulary instruction for direct vocabulary instruction, figuring out unknown words though contextual and morphemic analysis, and fostering “word consciousness” through fun, stimulating activities.

Participant Outcomes

  • Know the current research on vocabulary development.
  • Know effective techniques for teaching specific words.
  • Know effective strategies for teaching students to figure out unfamiliar words while reading.
  • Have a repertoire of active strategies for promoting “word consciousness.”
  • Be prepared to apply the techniques and strategies to classroom text.
  • Leave with lessons developed to connect to existing materials.

Who: Content area teachers, Intervention teachers, Special Educators, Reading teachers, Coaches, English Learner teachers, Instructional Leaders, Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA).

When: Multi-day 2 hour sessions = 4 sessions. Scheduled by CALI Reads Regional Coach with the District and Site Lead Administrators.

How: Virtually via Zoom. Delivered by the CALI Reads Regional Coach with the support of the CALI Reads Site Coach.


CORE Materials provided to participants:

Core Resources
Participant Resource Guide
$15 value

Meet the Regional Workshop Facilitators

Lauren Greenberg
Lauren Greenberg


Susan Van Zant
Susan Van Zant

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