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About CALI Reads

CALI Reads is a 5-year project to improve literacy outcomes for adolescent students, especially students with disabilities. It serves nine districts and district consortia across California who in collaboration with three school site administrators applied to participate. CALI Reads offers participating districts and their selected middle schools funding, support, and training through CALI Reads literacy coaching, professional development (PD) and systems support for teachers and administrators.

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Districts & Sites

CALI Reads supports adolescent literacy in Districts across the state of California. Check out which Districts and schools are participating.
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Literacy Training Materials

CALI Reads has a large library of training materials to support literacy instruction. Check out one of our many E-learning modules, webinars, demonstration videos, free WordBuilder app, and more.
CALI Reads supports adolescent literacy through a network of experts. Read about our CDE Partners, Content Experts, and Literacy Coaches.
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CALI Reads Focus Areas

Focus 1: Multi-tiered Literacy Systems of Support

Building effective leadership teams at various decision-making tiers who monitor implementation, literacy programming, and engage in data-based decision making and problem solving to meet the needs of all students.

Focus 2: Evidence-Based Literacy Practice

Engaging participants and families in training modules, workshops and coaching on evidence-based literacy strategies in word analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension for content area classes, targeted intervention, and home support.

Focus 3: Sustainability and Growth

Establishing leadership, systems, monitoring tools, and resources (such as  CALI Learns) to better enable districts to scale-up and sustain implementation over time.

CALI Reads Activities

Year One (2018-19’): Building Leadership Teams (the Site Implementation Teams and District Support Teams) and creating a culture of Collaborative Data Review

Year Two (2019-20’): Continues with Year One activities and participates in Literacy Training, Coaching, and Family Involvement.

Year Three (2020-21’): Continues with Year One and Year Two activities. District encouraged to identify a 4th middle school site.

Year Four (2021-22’): Continues with Year One-Three activities. Site begins focus on Sustainability and Growth Plans. District’s 4th site enters the project with CALI Reads coach support.

Year Five (2022-23’): Continues with Year One-Four activities, while supporting Scale-up and Sustainability.

CALI Reads Theory of Change

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